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What type of Steel is used to make Magppie Products ?

All products are made from imported stainless steel.

What is the quality of steel used by Magppie?

Quality of steel used is 18/8 & 18/10 grade which constitutes 18 parts of Chrome & 8 or 10 parts of Nickel in 18/8 & 18/10 respectively the higher the contents of Chrome / nickel the better the quality of steel.

What Quality standards are followed while manufacturing Magppie products?

All products are made following the international standards for quality, for which Magppie is accredited with ISO 9001 Certification.

Who designs Magppie Products?

All Magppie products are designed by a team of Designers from NIFT & NID in India as well as design houses based in Scandinavian / European countries.

What is the finish of Magppie products?

Distinct everlasting matt / satin finish.

Are Magppie products Corrosion / Rust Proof?

Yes. All Magppie products are Corrosion / Rust proof.

Do Magppie products carry any warranty?

All Magppie products are guaranteed for any manufacturing defect, corrosion, rusting.

Can Magppie products washed in Dishwasher?

Yes. All Magppie products are Dishwasher Safe except sandblasted cutlery sets or products with wooden combination.

Why are Stainless steel products better than Glass?

Unlike Glass steel products are more durable and unbreakable which makes them easy to use & maintain.

Why is Stainless steel products better than Plastic?

More Hygienic & safer than plastic, good for storing food. Longer Life.

Where are Magppie products available?

Magppie products are exported to 52 countries around the globe.
They are available at all leading lifestyle stores across India .
To see a complete list of outlets selling Magppie products in India log on to

What is the price difference at which Magppie products are sold in different cities?

All Magppie products are sold at a uniform M.R.P. all over India.

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